Don’t forget these 7 things for your next OCR event!

Heading to an OCR event? Don’t leave the house without these 7 things….

  1. Food/Fuel – before, during & after

Every competitor is different and works best with different fuel when competing so we won’t dictate what food, drink or gels you should bring along. All we will say is make sure you bring along enough to get you through the event and post event!

  1. Hydration

Like any sporting event, a key ingredient is hydration! Dirty Hero is in England so the weather forecast is as much a mystery as ever, however, it is summer and with a 5 or 10 mile course ahead of you, you are going to want to hydrate yourself before so remember water!

  1. Spare clothes and shoes

This is an OCR event, you are going to get wet, you are going to get muddy, there’s no avoiding that! Therefore, a spare set of clothes and shoes are essential. You may want to walk round in all your muddy, accomplished glory for a while after you complete the course but trust us, after a while a nice dry, warm outfit will be very much appreciated!

  1. A BIG towel

After crossing the finish line there’s nothing better than grabbing a beer and wrapping a big towel round yourself! And if you aren’t enticed by this, a towel is also a great way of keeping your car seat safe on the drive home!

  1. Bin bags

A soggy back seat covered in mud is not ideal, so a great tip is to bring along some bin bags to wrap up those clothes and shoes…you can deal with the aftermath once you’re home!

  1. Cash

Refreshments will be served after the event and a bit of cash could come in handy to get that extra drink or snack! Parking is also often cash only, so pack some cash to be on the safe side!

  1. Support

Get your family or friends to come along to support you, it’s a great day out for both competitors and spectators and you never know, they might even be swayed to take on the challenge with you!

Set yourself the challenge, and sign up the Dirty Hero today!