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Within the Affiliate Area are a row of links, marked Affiliate URL’s / Referrals / Payouts / Visits / Creatives and Log out. For more information on any of these see below

Affiliate URL’s?

  • You should be able to see your Affiliate ID
  • Click on the Generate URL button to create your own referral URL (this is the link you should share on your website, emails, social media or texts)
  • Important – Copy and paste the Referral URL and share with anybody you feel may be interested in taking part in the Dirty Hero
  • You can also add this link to any image you may wish to post on social media
  • When a potential customer clicks on the link, the referral is tracked to your affiliate ID. If the customer then chooses to enter the Dirty Hero either straight away or in the future (up to 30 days) the referral will be credited to your affiliate ID and generate a commission payment for yourself


The Graphs link shows you the referral earnings in a graph form


  • The Referrals link will show you who has visited the Dirty Hero website from your link and entered the Dirty Hero, earning you a commission payment


  • The Payouts link will show you what amounts have been paid to yourself and when, including any payments that are still due


  • The Visits link will show you who has visited the Dirty Hero website from any referral links connected to your affiliate ID


For the best opportunity of getting somebody to click on a link from your website, use any of the pre-made banner ads from the creatives link (in the affiliate area)

  • Click on the Creatives link
  • You will see a selection of Banner ads
  • Select your chosen Banner ad & copy the code below the image
  • Paste the code into your website
  • The pasted code has your affiliate ID which enables us to track any referrals that come to us via the image placed on your website and pay any commissions to you from your sign ups via your referral
  • Potential customers do not need to enter at the time of viewing the link from your website, your affiliate ID will be tracked for 30 days, so if a customer chooses to enter Dirty Hero within 30 days of viewing our website after clicking on the link, then the referral commission will be credited to your affiliate ID and generate a payment to yourself

We have a choice of banner ad images in the 3 most common size formats that are used in websites

Landscape (728 x 90)
Rectangular (300 x 250)
Portrait (160 x 600)

We can create banner ads in other sizes, if required, please contact us and we will get those created

Log Out

This one simply logs you out of the Affiliate Area

What if I don’t have a website

No problem, You can still use your Voucher Code (see below) on the advertising flyers we will send you.

You can also use your referral link within any email, social media posts or texts

What Voucher Code should I use on the advertising flyers

The Voucher Code to be added to your advertising flyers is simply the word:- HERO followed by your affiliate ID number.

For example if your Affiliate ID is:- 14 you should add the Voucher Code:- HERO14 to your advertising flyers