Dirty Hero – Affiliate Registration

How does the Dirty Hero affiliate scheme work?

What is an Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate for Dirty Hero, simply means that you can be rewarded a generous commission for people you refer to us who then go on to enter the Dirty Hero.

An affiliate scheme allows us to track where referrals have come from by issuing unique trackable affiliate ID codes to each of our affiliates.

As an affiliate you can place this ID in the form of a hyperlink within a website you own, any emails you may send out to your clients or customers. Likewise the links can also be placed in your social media postings or even texts you may send by mobile phone.

We have created images and text links for you to use freely, so it really is as simple as adding the link to any messages you may send out to anybody you feel may be interested in taking part in Dirty Hero.

How do I sign up to become an affiliate?

That’s easy, just complete the registration form on this page. We will set up your affilate ID and send you the details across, along with any flyers you require.

Once we receive your registration form we will review it and get back to you as soon as we can, along with details of the commission rate we will pay for any referrals.

Terms of becoming an affiliate

We will try and keep these as straightforward as we can.

  • Payments are made once a month to all affiliates who are owed commissions
  • Affiliates must be from the fitness industry, ie a personal trainer, fitness instructor, gym owner, sales or retail of fitness related products, blog writer (fitness related) etc.
    If you are unsure if you qualify, please ask us.
  • The affiliate ID is unique to yourself and any commission payments will be made to your own account only
  • Referral links will track potential customers for 30 days. Providing the customer enters Dirty Hero within 30 days of viewing the Dirty Hero website from your referral link you will be paid the commission
  • Voucher codes on flyers are not time limited, therefore if a customer enters Dirty Hero using a Voucher code from your flyer, you will be credited with the commission, no matter how long it is since first receiving the flyer

What if I don’t have a Website?

No problem, you can still send the affiliate URL link to anybody on your email mailing list or you can send a text from your mobile with the link. Either of these will still generate a referral from yourself and if a customer signs up for Dirty Hero within 30 days of viewing the link, you will be credited with the commission.

We will provide you with flyers to advertise Dirty Hero, see the Flyers / Leaflets section below for more details on how this works.

Flyers / Leaflets

Flyers / Leaflets

We appreciate not everybody has a website or indeed uses email a great deal, however you can also earn commission from flyers that are handed out to potential customers.

We can provide a supply of flyers advertising Dirty Hero, all you need to do is tell us how many flyers you would like and we will post them out to you, completely FREE

As an affiliate we will create a unique voucher code for your affiliate ID, you simply need to write this code onto the flyer before handing out to potential customers.

When the customer signs up for Dirty Hero, they input the voucher code and you will be credited with the referral, creating a commission payment for yourself.

It is important that you add the voucher code to your flyers, as this enables us to track that they have come from yourself and pay you any commissions earned. It is also important that you explain to the person you are handing the leaflet to that they need to input the code, in order that you can earn your commission. The benefits of the voucher code are that they are not time sensitive, therefore if somebody picks up a flyer with your code on it, even if they choose to enter a couple of months after, inputting your voucher code, you will still be credited with the referral and paid the commissions you have earnt.

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