Our favourite running tips

We’ve collated a few of our favourite running tips for beginners, intermediates and advanced runners. These are key tips to bear in mind when training for any type of race, whether it be your first ever 5K, or your fiftieth marathon. We hope you find these helpful!

Four dietary tips for aspiring long distance runners

If you’re thinking of taking part in a long distance race you might be looking to increase the frequency and intensity of your training sessions. A key thing to remember when upping the ante of your training…. don’t forget to also adjust your diet!

Father’s Day: The day to give thanks to your dad, your hero!

Dirty Hero is all about celebrating heroes, whether they are living or past, real-life or fiction, everyone has their own reason for believing in a hero and everyone is entitled to that belief. To celebrate Father’s Day we have put together a little more about why heroes are so important, and why parents, in particular […]

What to expect from Dirty Hero!

This epic OCR event has been designed to test your physical and mental ability, all the while, creating opportunities for each and every one of you to help, encourage and cheer on other fellow heroes throughout the course. Being a “hero” could mean proving to yourself that you can take on the challenge and complete […]

Don’t forget these 7 things for your next OCR event!

Heading to an OCR event? Don’t leave the house without these 7 things….

Six Reasons You’re Not Getting Fitter!

You workout regularly, you eat right, you’re doing everything you can and still you’re not seeing the results in the mirror that you are hoping for week in, week out? Sound familiar? There are many reasons that you may not be getting fitter….here are 6 reasons that might be impacting your workouts!

How to protect your knees when running!

One of the most common running ailments is runner’s knee, which can negatively affect your training, or even worse, leave you completely unable to run! We have put together a list of our top tips to protect your knees, however all cases may vary and if you have any on-going issues please consult a professional.

Needing some inspiration to start a morning workout routine?

Article by: Amy Schlinger / Health.com (Jun 24, 2016) Do you plan a workout for the evening, but then something comes up—a happy hour, a deadline for work, or maybe even a Tinder date? And there goes your exercise for the day! If this keeps happening to you, there’s a logical solution: shift your workout […]

5 signs you are in need of a new pair of kicks for running

Wearing a pair of old running shoes could be the difference in knocking off that final few seconds to get a new Personal Best, old shoes not only slow you down but can also increase your risk of injury. Here are 5 signs to look out for to see if it’s time for your trainers […]

What you DON’T need to do to train for a Dirty Hero event!

People are forever searching for tips and tricks of what training they NEED to do to prepare for OCR events, however there are some myths floating around out there and we’re here to tell you what you DON’T need to be able to do! Heroes to the rescue!!