Dirty Hero Super Circuits

Dirty Hero will challenge your endurance, your strength and your stamina. So let the training commence!

Not trained in a while? Don’t worry! To complete the Dirty Hero obstacle course you don’t need to be an Olympic athlete. All you need is the courage to enter and the determination to finish! This training plan will help you build on your strength and stamina and get you OCR fit and ready to take on the challenges thrown your way throughout the Dirty Hero events!

Our Dirty Hero team have put together this awesome Dirty Hero Super Circuit plan. It will work to develop your endurance, strength and stamina and help you achieve Dirty Hero status. Follow this 10-exercise training circuit just once a week to help you prepare for the challenge!

Start with just one circuit of the training plan and as you get fitter gradually increase the effort by increasing the work interval time or simply adding extra circuits. These can be done in the gym, in the park, or even in the comfort of your own home!

Let’s Go!

Start with a steady warm up of 10 minutes gentle jogging, rowing or other light exercise to get your heart rate up and warm your body ready for the workout.
Set a timer for 1 minute and complete as many sets of each exercise in 1 minute and move onto the next, complete the 10 exercises then take a 2-3 minute break and repeat. As you get fitter add 15 seconds onto each minute, slowly increase this until you reach 2 minutes per set max. Repeat 2-3 circuits.

Super Circuit Exercise Easier Option Tougher Option
Pull Ups Half pulls Add weighted belt
Ski Sit 45° rather than 90° As medium
Ab Crunches Hands on knees Add a twist
Box Jump Step up step down – alternate lead leg after 4 steps Use a higher box
Leopard Crawl Army crawl Go forwards and backwards
Shuttle Sprint Walk back recovery More repeats
Push Ups Knees on ground Feet raised up
Burpees Without press up -Take 3 sec pause between Add a press up
Plank Split time in 2 and take 5 secs rest Feet resting on swiss ball
Astride Jumps Slower speed Faster speed

For full details of each exercise explained please download the full training plan here!

Once you have completed the sets remember to cool down, don’t just stop! Keep walking gently until your breathing has returned to a normal rate and your heart rate has slowed back down. Now is a great time to fit in some of your favourite mobility stretches while your muscles are nicely warm and supple!

Keep an eye on out for more training tips and handy OCR hints which will be added regularly!

And, if you haven’t already signed up to take on the challenge, what are you waiting for? There’s no time like the present!