Father’s Day: The day to give thanks to your dad, your hero!


Dirty Hero is all about celebrating heroes, whether they are living or past, real-life or fiction, everyone has their own reason for believing in a hero and everyone is entitled to that belief. To celebrate Father’s Day we have put together a little more about why heroes are so important, and why parents, in particular Dad’s, really have stepped up to the plate and been named “hero” by so many!

We’ve asked many people who their hero is and why they are so special to them and from asking these questions we’ve had a great range of responses. It’s interesting to see that an article written last year by American author Michael Kimmel shows similar responses to us, he wrote:

“Today, the heroic landscape has changed dramatically. Sure, about half [the class] still list athletes (LeBron James, Steph Curry), rock stars (Kanye West, Justin Bieber) and movie stars (pick your superhero). And sure, there remains a smattering of public figures (usually President Obama). But the single most common answer today—in a world of political cynicism and a 24/7 news cycle that digs up dirt on anyone who sets foot on the public stage—is “my dad” and “my mom.” Celebrities are too distant, and the constant glare of the paparazzi flashbulbs reveals their many flaws. But parents are really there, working hard and sacrificing for their families, emotional advisors, counselors and even friends.”

It’s amazing to see so many people both young and old, believing in their true, real-life heroes, the people that are there day to day, supporting them. This may not always be your mum or dad, it may be your doctor or nurse, your postman, your teacher, a fireman or even the lollypop lady! It’s important to realise that “heroes” really can mean anything to anyone and they truly are all around us!

It was interesting to see that from Michael Kimmel’s account, more than half of the students asked in his survey to name their hero, named a parent. Even more interesting that this brought up a deeper, underlying quality that can be seen in the “modern man”, that now “men’s attitudes have shifted. No more do qualities such as caring and nurturing make a man seem less “manly.” According to a recent survey by DoveMen+Care, 7 out of 10 American men believe that being a real hero means putting other’s needs first.”

This is the reason that Dirty Hero is so important to us and why believing in your “hero” means they are there to put others first. So this one’s for all the Dads out there this Father’s Day – thanks for being heroes!

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Source: Michael Kimmel, June 17, 2016