Dirty Hero Recruits Minster FM Team!


We set the challenge, we infiltrated the ranks, and now we have York’s very own Minster FM team taking on the Dirty Hero challenge!

We’ve infiltrated York’s very own Minster FM and challenged the Breakfast’s shows resident DJ’s Ben and Ellie to take on our first challenge event of the year!

With some tactical sabotage from the other members of the Minster FM team, the Breakfast Show hosts have been committed to take on the 10-mile course through the grounds of Newburgh Priory on the 20th May. The challenge is set to test not only your physical strength, stamina and endurance but also push you to face fears and combat mental obstacles throughout the course.

There’ll be walls to climb and tunnels to crawl through, as well as plenty of water, mud, ice, electricity and fire to take on! Competitors, working in teams or as individuals, will face 30+ daunting obstacles such as ‘Flaming Hell’, ‘Cliffhanger’ and ‘Waterfall’. They can find out what it’s like to be fed through a mangle, face a ‘Loose Cannon’ to wash the mud off, jump ‘Grand National’ hurdles and take on the ultimate ‘Leap of Faith’, all the while being cheered on by supporters and helping other “heroes” accomplish the challenges around them.

We are looking for more teams to step up to the challenge and take on the Minster FM team this May at our first event….so, are you up to it?

Organiser Peter Mathieson explained where the idea for Dirty Hero came from. “We increasingly need heroes; life can be tough for many different reasons and we all face challenges, with some people facing more challenges than others. Heroes are all around us, in all shapes and forms – Olympic medallists, yes, but also carers who put their own lives on hold for their loved ones, countless volunteers, emergency service workers and the armed forces, mums, dads and grandparents doing their best. The list is endless and we all see different people as heroes. Now we want to encourage people to think about their heroes, unleash their own inner heroes – and have some fun!”

The challenges are designed to push competitor’s boundaries and get them facing fears to complete the course, all the while helping to a hand to others along the way. Dirty Hero director, Paul, said: “It’s all based on camaraderie, you need some teamwork at some of the obstacles, perhaps help getting someone over a wall or out of some mud or offering some encouraging words if they’re about to leap from a platform or plunge into icy water.”

Ben and Ellie and their team will be competing in the first Dirty Hero event on May 20th, at Newburgh Priory in Coxwold, 15 miles from York. The second challenge will be on July 22nd at the Duncombe Park Estate at Helmsley, 22 miles from York. Competitors can take part as individuals or in teams of four or more. The earlier the entry and the bigger the team, the bigger the discount!

Peter, Paul’s brother and Dirty Hero co-founder, said anyone who does the challenge for charity will receive help with promotion. “Those people are heroes before they even set foot on the course,” he said. “We will gladly shout loudly about their efforts to raise money for a good cause.”

Can you take on the Minster team in the ultimate North Yorkshire challenge event of 2017?


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