Top Tips for Obstacle Course Race Training


Taking part in your first obstacle course race or just looking for tips to make sure you are ready for Dirty Hero…here are some top tips to get you in shape before race day!

OCR Training – Tip #1 – Run like you mean it!

Even though obstacle course races have some mileage to them, Dirty Hero being no exception with a 5 or 10 mile route, it’s not about running long distance; remember, there are multiple obstacles in between your running, so you are never really “running” more than a mile at a time. Sprint training will help build the muscle and endurance required for quick running bursts in between obstacles. Try going to a track and start off with 4 Laps (1 mile). On these 4 laps, on the straight parts sprint at your best, then slow down to a jog around the bends. You can add on from there or add intervals of High Knees or quick feet in place to your normal workouts. These will prepare your heart rate going up and down as needed.

OCR Training – Tip #2 – Get agile!

How is your jumping ability? There are tires, mud pits, walls, hurdles, and rocks to get through. Working on your agility allows you to practice how to safely jump and land avoiding injury. Working on things like Jump Squats, Calf Raises, Ankle Mobility, High Knees, and general jumping is a great thing to do. Make sure that you are bending into the jump when you land each time to help build stability as well.

OCR Training – Tip #3 – Work your pull ups!

There are usually high walls, monkey bars, climbing ropes, and many things to climb up, so working on the ability to pull yourself up is a great thing. Pull Ups/Chin ups are a good to start working to build strength. You can also do Bar Hangs, Overhead Presses, and Waiter Walks to help on the shoulder strength that is needed. Rope Climbs are also a great thing to start doing if you have access to one.

OCR Training – Tip #4 – Interval training is a must!

Because of the nature of the obstacle course race, you are changing what you are doing constantly; your training should reflect that. Interval/Circuit training combining strength and endurance is great for getting ready. Adding things like Burpees, Jump Squats, High Knees, Push Ups, and Overheard Presses into a Tabata Drill or other circuit is a wonderful way to prepare for obstacle course races. Check out our Super Circuit training plan!

OCR Training – Tip #5 – Get a partner or join a team!

Through all the obstacle course race training above, nothing is better than having a person to do it with or a team behind you. Research shows that people that join teams or have a training platform are much more likely to stick to a training plan than those that train on their own! Partners/teams will help drive you forward and many obstacles can take at least two people to complete, so always having a person with you at them is best. You will find no better motivation than another person by your side, your own personal hero!
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